Earthquake Update

Building Repairs Update (Dec 2017)

What do you do when you have a tonne of stones to move?
Call the Crusaders !!

Before the earthquakes, a huge stone column stood against the sanctuary wall facing Durham Street North. The stone column was dismantled after the 2011 earthquake and the stones were placed on the ground in the section next door. Over time, weeds and plants have grown and obscured the stones. To protect and preserve these valuable stones, it was necessary to lift them off the ground and place them safely onto pallets.
And that’s where the Crusaders come in and help while having a fun competition seeing which of three Crusader teams was the fastest to stack the stones on pallets and plastic wrap the pallets. By the end of the ‘competition’ the rugby players had done a great job by completing 46 pallets, stacked and wrapped, with just a small pile of Blue Stone behind the archway that will still need picking up.

The players and observers were rewarded with a BBQ lunch provided by PlaceMakers Riccarton.
A job well-done thanks to the Crusaders and PlaceMakers Riccarton.



Following the recent earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 in Christchurch, our synagogue was severely damaged and remained unusable for two years while extensive remedial work took place. The funds available from our insurers did not however, extend to rebuilding the Ark and strengthening of the building to within the current building code requirements.
In order to now complete this work, we need the generosity of the wider community to raise the funds required.  We are extremely proud of the work which has been done to date in restoring the Synagogue, but we would appreciate help to further strengthen the building and reinstate our Ark.

Donations can be send to:

Account name: Canterbury Hebrew Congregation
Bank: BNZ
Account No.: 02-0800-0845837-00
reference: earthquake donation